usb to mac?

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  1. ggp

    ggp Well-Known Member

    Has anyone plugged their droid in to a mac? I can't find drivers at or any safe sounding source on the internet, and my mac doesn't recognize my droid. I want to transfer my music to the phone in this manner. Has anyone else accomplished this on a mac?


  2. square

    square Well-Known Member

    you don't need drivers. plug it in and pull down the notification bar to mount the droid.
  3. ggp

    ggp Well-Known Member

    doh! lol... maybe I should pay more attention to my notifications! Thanks! :D
  4. fabuleslie

    fabuleslie New Member

    I'm following directions, but there is no notification that shows up indicating the USB and droid are connected. It's saying it's charging, but there is no notification that comes up on the phone. I am trying to install isyncr and am stuck.
  5. vandyblackandgold

    vandyblackandgold Well-Known Member

    once your droid is plugged in, you will see a new notification pop up in the top left of your notification bar. pull the notification bar down to open your notifications. select the one that says 'enable sd card' or something like that. (doing this from memory).

    you will be asked if you want to 'mount the sd card'

    tell it yes.

    give a second and then you should see your droid appear on your desktop.
  6. fabuleslie

    fabuleslie New Member

    I'm saying my droid is plugged in but I'm NOT seeing the new notification pop up. That's the problem that I don't know how to fix. I know it can't be the cable because the phone says it's charging. There is no notification.
  7. vandyblackandgold

    vandyblackandgold Well-Known Member

    then its gotta be a droid issue. the droid isnt recognizing it is available to sync.
  8. cavitating

    cavitating Active Member

    Do you have an SD card in your phone?
  9. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Try a different usb port. Some of the laptops will not do high speed connections on one port if an external drive was or is attached to a different port. The first port you plug a high speed device is it, until you reboot.

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