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  1. olki

    olki New Member


    I've got the Pulse since few days and I have a problem with the USB connection:
    sometimes the Pulse does not detect that the USB cable has been disconnected and is still showing the USB in the notification bar. When this is happening, I can't connect to PC anymore, even when disabling mass storage and mounting the SD card (from the notification bar).
    Does anybody experienced the same issue?


  2. muscleman

    muscleman Member

    Hi m8, when you come to disconnecting your phone from the pc do you click the "safetly remove hardware" button on the windows taskbar?
  3. muscleman

    muscleman Member

    try this before unpligging it from the pc :)
  4. olki

    olki New Member

    Thank you Muscleman, I did it that way, but still sometimes (not allways) the pulse doesn't recognize that the PC has unmounted the drive ....

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