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USCells crappy apps

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  1. Mr.Muggles

    Mr.Muggles New Member

    i recently rooted my Acclaim and started removing all the crap UScell pre-installed. I seem to have gotten rid of everything except MyContacts Backup and would very much like to do so. There is an apk file named August_USCellular_prod_a2.0_v1.10.apk which i believe to be the one containing MyContacts Backup. Has anyone removed this file and know whether or not it is safe to remove and indeed the one i want?

  2. mistah clutch

    mistah clutch Member

    why would you wannat get rid of my contacts backup? it's actually pretty useful and since the "machine" that transfers numbers rarely works, it's the only way i can ever get my numbers on a new phone...
  3. Mr.Muggles

    Mr.Muggles New Member

    because MyContacts backup is an antiquated and useless app on an android phone. with android u can already backup all your contacts into 1 uber small file on your SDcard or computer. that file is also shareable with most other programs with contacts such as Outlook. why have some clunky useless program running in the background using my resources when i can use the smoother built-in function?
  4. Dark Reality

    Dark Reality Well-Known Member

    Better than that, Gmail does this automatically. Login to Gmail on the computer after your phone has synced up, and all your contacts are there. Correct information, merge duplicates, etc. Say something happens with your phone, you can factory reset (where you lose everything), just login to Gmail when you set it up, and all your contacts come right back. You don't need to do anything and you definitely don't need an app.

    My Contacts Backup is not worthless, though. If you're planning to switch to a BlackBerry or Windows Phone, run it and have it make a backup. Then re-sync on the new platform. But if you plan on sticking with Android, there's no reason to want to keep it.

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