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  1. ed12

    ed12 Active Member

    Make a 1 pixel large black pixel, or a transparent pixel from your computer.
    Copy it to your phone.
    Use it as the background for the Super AMOLED screen.

    AMOLED screens don't use battery for black pixels, and the deep black on the Nexus S just looks amazing when you can't really tell where the screen ends.

    Plus live wallpapers sucks because it seems to lag up the phone.

    I also went to display settings and changed animations into some animations as all animations seems to show some jittery effect when opening apps, which was unpleasant. some animations still shows the screen off effect, so that's cool.

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  2. meso100

    meso100 Well-Known Member

    Not being lazy but just being computer illiterate, is the black pixel image available via email if I send you it via pm? ;-)

    Quite interested to try this out!
  3. rborelli

    rborelli Well-Known Member

    Here's mine.


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  4. meso100

    meso100 Well-Known Member


    Trying to view from the phone but it can't open. Can you recommend a program that will open it?
  5. rborelli

    rborelli Well-Known Member

    Strange, it's just a jpg image. It's not all black also.

  6. dog812

    dog812 Member

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  7. TD/TS-2479

    TD/TS-2479 Member

    That's awesome. any chance of one for me please with a star wars sandtrooper theme or snowtrooper theme?
  8. Its true. Additionally, changing all of my app screens (when possible) to dark or black themes also saves on battery life. Now only if the native Gmail app would do that!
  9. I like these. Good stuff.
  10. brianjgeraghty

    brianjgeraghty New Member

    thanks for the tip, that does seem to help the lagginess of my phone.

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