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  1. reaper9292

    reaper9292 Member

    Is there any way to get around how on the phone when you go to camera when the battery is red. That you can still use the camera and takes photos. This is a real pain considering the phone is almost always showing red battery and I can never take photos. How can I get around this.

  2. abrahan

    abrahan Well-Known Member

    FXcamera runs while the battery is close to dying.

    give it a try in normal mode if you aren't into filters and such.
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  3. Zumaki

    Zumaki Well-Known Member

    if you take a pic and the battery dies while saving to the sd card you'll corrupt it.
  4. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    Charge your battery? DUH!!!
  5. abrahan

    abrahan Well-Known Member

    this has never happened to me and i have taken a picture (in FX camera) while the battery died. next time i powered on, the picture hadn't saved, but nothing was corrupt.
  6. reaper9292

    reaper9292 Member

    Thanks ill give FXcamera a shot.
  7. Zumaki

    Zumaki Well-Known Member

    Your anecdotal evidence has swayed me, I must be wrong!
  8. abrahan

    abrahan Well-Known Member

    one other thing to mention - back in the days of 1.5 - the camera wouldn't even start if the battery was under 15% thats how i found that it did work with (any) app camera.
  9. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Well-Known Member

    Does FXCamera let you take a photo while on a call too? I miss being able to do that.
  10. m_usman_ch

    m_usman_ch Member

  11. LeylaBahar

    LeylaBahar New Member

    Can you still use a flash on this app?

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