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use louder volume hack app!Tips

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  1. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    Use the louder volume hack app to make the speaker louder!

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  2. Jayme

    Jayme Well-Known Member

    ?? Can you elaborte?
  3. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip but it requires you to root your phone,which I am not doing.
    Also we shouldn't need to root our phones or use an app, Motorola / Verizon should (and probably will) release an OTA update soon.

    Again, thanks for the tip and good find! :D:D

    BLK MAJK Well-Known Member

    the one in the market says "DOES NOT WORK ON 2.1+ (Nexus, Desire, X10, Droid, etc.) and it isn't free......
  5. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    Yes it says those things and I have had this app from the g1 so I tried it and it works with no errors
  6. bumpylemon

    bumpylemon Well-Known Member

    didnt work when i downloaded and installed.
  7. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    did it give you errors?
    What didnt work, what was the problem that you had. Did you have root?
  8. bumpylemon

    bumpylemon Well-Known Member

    i have root....i downloaded this....and when i picked my settings and got a call it was the same loudness. no errors...just didnt work.
  9. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    Which version are u using? And which setting are u using for the speaker.

    I used this on my Droid. I tried this the other day, but I didnt know which settings to use for the external speaker.

    And I agree one shouldnt have to do this for a louder speaker. I think ppl have to complain or see if its a bad phone. It could just need a software fix, if thats even possible.
  10. XtremeAaron

    XtremeAaron Well-Known Member

    I noticed it said no 2.1 as well. Anyone else contend to it working?
  11. john0821

    john0821 Well-Known Member

    This really needs to be fixed OTA. Hopefully a good app for this will be released. The external speaker is so mediocre.
  12. bennec

    bennec Well-Known Member

    I completely agree. The low volume needs to be corrected by Motorola really soon. The quality of my sound is great, but I just can't hardly hear the phone notifications or the phone ringing when it is in my pocket.
  13. john0821

    john0821 Well-Known Member

    Will the volume be addressed on Aug 6th when 2.2 is supposed to come out?
  14. bennec

    bennec Well-Known Member

    I'm sure lots of folk would hope so, but I'm beginning to believe it is just the rather smallish slit where the volume comes out that is the biggest problem. The Droid sound slit ran all the way across the bottom of the battery cover.
  15. john0821

    john0821 Well-Known Member

    I hope this doesn't mean I'll have to take a Dremel to the phone to make my own bigger speaker. :eek:

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