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use mesmerize on sprint networkGeneral

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  1. bigeflock

    bigeflock New Member

    Hey guys, I just lost my sprint epic 4g and have a uscc mesmerize and wanted to to know if i could get it working on sprint's network! Any help would be great have been searching for info for hours to no avail.


  2. m1i1k1e3

    m1i1k1e3 New Member

    you can use the mesmerize on the sprint network i use mine with virgin mobile getting the data to work correctly is a little bit of a challenge otherwise calls and text are fairly easy besides the esn issue its a simple prl change if i remember right been close to a year since i did it though
  3. jamoosh

    jamoosh Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody, Sorry to bump up such an old thread, but I recently came across a used Mesmerize from US Cellular, and have been trying to determine if it's possible to flash to Virgin Mobile. I'm currently on the $25.00 Beyond Talk plan and am hoping to not lose that in the process.

    If you could guide me in the right direction--if there are some tutorials or guides available online, that would be super.

    I am familiar with root and rom installing, have some working knowledge of QPST and ADB.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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