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Use music player while charging?Tips

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  1. dknapp1117

    dknapp1117 New Member

    How can I use my S2 Skyrocket music player while phone is plugged into USB on PC for charging? When I try it, the music player says the SD card is being used for mass storage and it cannot find the files. I am using PowerAmp and bluetooth. When I unplug the USB it works fine, but then I am on battery. The Windows 7 PC does not have Kies on it. Do I have to store my music somewhere other than the SD card? If so, how do I do that? I did some searches but was not using the right searches. Sorry if this is a typica newb question.

  2. Fulcrum29

    Fulcrum29 Member

    Turn off USB storage via the drop down menu.

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