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  1. tnt1997

    tnt1997 New Member

    I have a Samsung Droid Charge that I no longer use as a cell phone. Is there a way and software available that will remove the verizon software and allow me to use this as a mini computer?

  2. kraisydave

    kraisydave Well-Known Member

    I do not know an answer to your question, but have a suggest for what I do with old phones...

    Two things - One is to use it as a security camera for my home. Check out IP cam. I have them all over my house.

    The other is a google TV want to be. Plug it into your TV for video out which will show the Android home screen on your TV. Get a wireless keyboard and you are set. I would have to try out apps to see which if any wireless keyboard apps. This will allow you to surf the internet, play games, and play videos like on netflix.


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