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  1. rebelranger1

    rebelranger1 Member

    Is it possible to connect a larger touchscreen to the S2 and the touchscreen control everything? In essence, dock the S2 to a larger screen via the hdmi connection, like the Atrix? I would love something like this, basically it makes the phone a tablet without having to carry two different devices. People have done with via bluetooth on the Iphones, but I want my S2 to do it.

  2. rebelranger1

    rebelranger1 Member

    Has no one tried this, or does no one want it? In my head I imagine 2-4 additional S2 batteries that run the screen and charge the phone for power use. The whole thing would weight in under 2lbs and could be 7-13" Has anyone used the HDMI out on the phone with success?
  3. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    For me it wouldn't be worth it, carrying a phone plus cable and extra screen (if it could be set to mirror, as well as communicate touch to the phone?) would be MORE than carrying a tablet plus a phone. Honestly, I barely ever touch my laptop, I do quite well with my phone and a workstation.
  4. rebelranger1

    rebelranger1 Member

    What do you mean workstation? I basically want my phone to be my computer/tablet/phone. I mean the Attrix does it and isn't as powerful as the S2. I'd really like a setup for the S2 to do. I know there is car mounts that link the S2 via bluetooth linking the indash display with the phone. I just don't know how compact I can get that setup and run off 120 instead of 12v.
  5. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    I see, I guess I consider the S2 to be those things already, just that it's a small tablet in that respect. So, for me it already does exactly what I want it to. By workstation I mean just that, my home workstation, several multi-core processors, lots of RAM and many internal drives, networked to external storage solutions. Basically where I can do the real heavy lifting that I need to do.

    Half of my friends with tablets, mostly iPads, seem to have keyboards and other peripherals that they carry around with them. To me that seems a bit odd. I can understand if they were using it as a doc for home, but if they're going to carry them it would seem easier to have just purchased a laptop. (doubly so when they're already carrying an iPhone or equivalent)

    I understand what you're saying though, my concern is similar to yours, that being the size of the things needed to achieve such a thing vs another solution.
  6. rebelranger1

    rebelranger1 Member

    I've always asked my Ipad, Iphone, Macbook Air friends why they bought an Ipad and keyboard when they have a Macbook, and none of them can say anything other then its portable and cool.

    I do consider my S2 a mini tablet but the ability to use it with a larger slim touchscreen and additional battery source I think would be very nice. Ex: on a plane for three hours, watching a movie on the phone strains the eyes hence a 10in display! Also you would never have to worry about syncing the devices at the end of the day (biggest gripe about tablets), it would be with you 99% of the time because it is on your phone. I guess some of it comes from me wanting a dual core ultraslim laptop without paying 1700+ dollars. The S2 is just that though, so provided an ultraslim touch screen (LED 10" cost around 170-200) I get the best of both worlds.

    HDMI mirroring, I am searching for the slimest LED touchscreen with HDMI mirroring, once I find it I can wire in batteries and use my S2 as the CPU/RAM/etc and the screen will control it all. I just can't believe no one has done this...

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