Use SD card as internal memory?

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  1. poordude1089

    poordude1089 Member

    I'm certain someone else has tried or wanted to try this, so I'm asking.

    I love my Samsung Prevail, but only 170MB of internal memory is a joke, especially if I update stock apps like Maps and Market. What I'd love to do is install Android OS directly to my MicroSD card. I've been looking into it here and on other forums, but most of what i've found is old stuff to install to Windows Mobile devices. Anything to just have a second install on the MicroSD, leaving the old one on internal memory just in case something happens? I have a 16GB card right now, but I'll be getting a 32GB if I can find a way to install to the card. My phone is rooted, I can use Linux for the sake of partitioning if needed, and while I'd love to have Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, I'm not certain if it'll run well, especially depending on the class of card I get.

  2. mathi

    mathi Active Member

    If you root your device you can use your SD a portion (>_50%) of your sd card can be used as internal memory to install applications fully and other usage
  3. poordude1089

    poordude1089 Member

    How exactly? I imagine it's a bit more complex than just making an ext3 partition and plugging the card back in

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