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  1. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    The Demo Video is HERE
    I finally finished up the "Desktop" configuration guide showing how to use your Evo as a Desktop PC/Workstation. Above is a pic of what I've been using for close to a month now for everything but site updates. It does have it's quirks but after using it for a while I can over look most of them but the browser still drives me nuts. I also have this up on the FullHDMI website with links. Most of the apps are free but please support devs and purchase the full versions. If you think this is worth it let me know and I'll see if I can set up a donate button.

    I'm still looking for a dev to work with on creating a "Desktop UI" web browser preferably based on the stock browser.

    Added Bonus: If you use the headphone jack instead of HDMI for audio you end up with a speaker phone!!! I use the headphone jack anyways so I can listen to FM Radio without worrying about bandwidth issues.

    My Thanks Go To:
    Sam a.k.a orrebmas, for FullHDMI
    Full HDMI users, for their thanks and support of all the time and effort that I've put into benchmarking and testing FullHDMI AND HDMwIn
    CyanogenMod, for putting mouse and keyboard support in CM6.1.2. Can wait to get it in CM7!
    SavagedZen, for the ONLY AOSP Froyo Kernel with HDMI acceleration
    Shinzul and agrabren, for their civility in spite of the, well you know

    Future thanks goes to the dev that's willing to help with the "Desktop UI" capable web browsing.

    CM 6.1.2 WiMax Alpha 3
    Google Apps
    SavagedZen 0.2.1 (for 720P)
    Custom Keyboard Map
    xScope Browser
    Desktop Theme for xScope
    LCDDensity for Root
    Null Keyboard
    Android Seven Lite
    Documents To Go

    Dell Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle
    HDMI or DVI-D Display
    HDMI Cable
    (HDMI to DVI adapter for DVI displays)


    Make sure you have the things on the Desktop Configuration list before starting. Now lets get started!

    1: Use Titanium Backup to backup all your apps then do a full backup via Rom Manager.

    2: Do a full wipe and install the CM6.1.2 Rom, GApps, and for 720P, the SavagedZen 0.2.1 kernel.

    3: Go through your regular inital setup and restore your apps.

    4: Install FullHDMI if not already installed and the rest of the apps.

    5: Extract the and copy the "FullHDMI Micro" folder to sdcard/xScope/themes

    6: Using Root Explorer navigate to system/usr/keylayout and rename qwerty.kl to qwerty.kl.bak

    7: Extract the and using Root Explorer copy the new qwerty.kl file to system/usr/keylayout

    8: Reboot.

    9: BT Mouse Pairing:
    A: Go into the phone's Bluetooth settings and turn on Bluetooth. Select "Scan for Devices".
    B: On the bottom of the mouse is a power switch and a pairing button. Turn on the mouse and hold down
    the pairing button for 2 seconds.
    C: When the mouse shows up in the device list select it. A popup asking if you want to pair and connect
    will show up. Select the option. After a couple seconds your phone should say that it is paired and
    connected to the mouse. It may take a little bit for the pointer to show up and may be sluggish, just
    give it a few seconds and it will be ok.

    10: Keyboard Pairing (This one's a little tricky)
    A: Go into the phone's Bluetooth settings and turn on Bluetooth. Select "Scan for Devices".
    B: On the bottom of the keyboard is a power switch and a pairing button. Turn on the keyboard and hold
    down the pairing button for 2 seconds.
    C: When the keyboard shows up in the device list select it. A popup asking if you want to pair and connect
    will show up. Select the option.
    D: After a couple seconds your phone will ask for a pin code, enter what any four digit number but
    remember what the number is.
    E: On the keyboard press and hold the left "Windows" key and F2 at the same time for about a second.
    Immediately afterwards, using the number keys and not the number pad, enter the four digit number that
    you entered on your phone and hit the "Enter" key. The BT indicator should stop blinking and flash solid
    then go out. Your keyboard should then be paired.


    Here we will cover how to use your Evo as a desktop computer. First I will go over the keyboard and it's functions. The image below is the new keymap assigned to the keyboard. The red areas are keys that I was unable to map (trying to map them broke ALL keys including the ones on the phone) as they need new key assignments written to the ROM. The yellow areas are keys that are unmapped or I haven't remapped yet. The green is the newly mapped keys. I do have an image of the keyboard with the scan codes on it if someone would like to give additional mapping a try. Moving along....

    1: Go to Settings / Applications / Development and enable "Stay Awake". This will prevent your EVO from sleeping
    while connected to a charger and believe me you'll want to have your EVO on a charger when using it as a

    2: If you are using an overclocking app that has profiles, make sure you have a "Max Performance" profile while
    charging in place. You can use dynamic clocking but it has a serious effect on performance unless properly
    tuned for "Desktop" use.

    3: Launch xScope and go to settings. Set up xScope as follows:
    A: Select themes and chose "FullHDMI Micro".
    B: Control Bar location = Top
    C: Page Zoom = 0.8
    D: Text = Normal
    E: Layout = Fit
    F: Viewport = Wide
    G: User = Computer

    4: Using LCDDensity for Root, set your display density to 180 and click apply. Your phone will fast reboot and
    when done everything on your display will be smaller.

    5: Turn on your keyboard and mouse and then turn on Bluetooth on your EVO. Your keyboard and mouse should
    connect after a little bit but I have found tapping on the space bar and mouse buttons seems to help.

    6: (Optional) Launch Android Seven for a desktop like UI.

    7: Connect your EVO to your charger and display and enable FullHDMI.

    8: Long press any text input and change "Input Methed" to Null Keyboard

    9: Surf the web and have some fun.

    I know this may seem like a lot of steps however after the initial setup it's gets much easier. It would go something like this; Set LCDDensity, turn on BT, connect phone to charger and display and launch FullHDMI. This takes only a minute or two and will probably be up and running before most PC's. Now for the bug list...

    Known Bugs and Quirks:

    Mouse wheel selects from side to side not up and down like normal. Nobody has been able to fix this and seeing that CM7 is out it's most likely will not be.

    Left mouse click and drag scrolling.

    The already mentioned keymapping. I'll keep playing with this to see if I can get a better keymap without have to add additional scan codes to the ROM.

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  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Excellent. When you have a moment you could add links to the mentioned apps and rom.
  3. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    OP updated: Evo Destop demo video.
  4. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    :cool: Nice work!
  5. maluminse

    maluminse Well-Known Member

    How much to send you my Evo for configuration? : D

    Seriously you could make a business doing this.

    I could do it. But will I!? It would be awesome to do it.

    If your rooted and you have full HDMI and you connect that to your monitor through a an adapter and then you add the BT keyboard/mouse wouldnt it work with any ROM?

    One other question. I tried to get a usb keyboard to work with just an adapter female/usb to micro but it didnt work.

    The qwerty you post will that get a usb keyborad to work with a micro adapter?
  6. Evo4sickness

    Evo4sickness Well-Known Member

    Whats up Lokifish I just saw your vid of the Evo desktop look amazing. My question is this I saw that you have CM7 with the pointer and I just got my Rii Bluetooth keyboard and already paired and connected it with my Evo which you have to enter the pair number on the keyboard itself which they dont tell you. Anyways I got that done I have CM7 0.0 Rc2 which I waited to get for the mouse pointer. I dont see the pointer the keypad works fine just no pointer. I also went into the cynogenmod setting when it was one to enable the mouse and there was nothing there. So just figured you would be the best person to ask and have a fix thanks.
  7. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

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