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Used as keyboard?

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  1. Bananapoke

    Bananapoke New Member

    Im wondering if its possible to use the android as a bluetooth keyboard.

    I want to hook the android up to my macbook pro to use it as a keyboard. my macbook has a broken screen so i use an external monitor now. i want to set the computer up somewhere more discretely but i dont have another keyboard to use.

    is this possible?

  2. Bananapoke

    Bananapoke New Member

    i know the keyboard isnt great.. but neither is sitting uncomfortably to use my keyboard
  3. 02keilj

    02keilj Well-Known Member

    You could use Phonemypc which works over the internet, probably even your homes wifi if you have it (I dont so cant test it). It costs 10 bucks but it can become your mouse as well and will show your desktop on your devices screen.
    However i dont know if it supports mac since it is phonemyPC
    PhoneMyPC - Android app on AppBrain

    Another one i used was PRemoteDroid
    PRemoteDroid - Android app on AppBrain
    which was quite good

    Bluetooth remote which i think is also windows only sorry
    bluetooth remote

    Logmein might be worth a look, though it is only in beta atm. They have an app for iphones to control mac so it might be your best shot.
    LogMeIn Ignition Beta - Android app on AppBrain

    and after a quick search i found this
    Remote VNC Pro - Android app on AppBrain
    Again paid app but might be worth a look, just refund before 24hrs if it doesnt do what you want :)
  4. asb123

    asb123 Well-Known Member

    gmote (on the market) makes your phone act like a mouse and keyboard. It does it over wifi, and works perfectly.

    I am just downloading another program, called PRemote droid this one claims to work over bluetooth as well. (i dont know if this one does keboard (it does muse for sure))

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