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  1. EvoV4GGuy

    EvoV4GGuy Member

    Im considering copying threads from sdx for ROM's and Kernel's. I will provide help to anyone who needs it. Would anyone like this?

  2. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Well-Known Member

    Actually it usually cause confusion if you don't give a time line with stability updates but yes they do work as long as u put the time line in there but some develers don't like it. As for guys that are out like I'm jm isn't deving on it anymore so he is case closed. I wouldn't do it unless it is a closed story. But then why do it. You put out a lot of possibility with out direction.

    Actually. A time line and explanation is a little better for noons

    I had a problem looking at a download page that confused me and i posted on dead threads as a result
  3. EvoV4GGuy

    EvoV4GGuy Member

    Ohh. What i was thinking was just giving credit and posting at the top that i had no part in developing it, and pretty much just copying and pasting the op. Then putting flash directions if they werent already there
  4. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Well-Known Member

    I think it would work as long as you have sections for stable and developmental roms as not to confuse people. Mind you if the links get messed up the threads gonna near about it so upload to media fire or dropbox or your own hoasting.
    Also did you skip the triumph and the ov to hit the evo? Just curious
  5. EvoV4GGuy

    EvoV4GGuy Member

    i dont have the evo. My name over at sdx is samsunginterceptguy, but that name is too long here, so i just decided to use that name. Im trying to get the evo v though

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