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  1. firestorm31

    firestorm31 Member

    what useful apps have you installed on your warp from the Google Play store or Amazon App store? (no games please!)

  2. chrisjv3393

    chrisjv3393 Well-Known Member

    1. Titanium backup
    2. Wifi tether for root users
    3. 1-click clear(clears cache)
    4. 3g/4g speed optimizer
    5. Terminal emulator
  3. firestorm31

    firestorm31 Member

    all of thats related to rooting, eh? definitely useful for rooters!

    roto-rooters anyone? lol!
  4. chrisjv3393

    chrisjv3393 Well-Known Member

  5. jsphmuckey

    jsphmuckey Well-Known Member

    Well, of course Facebook & Instagram. I like taking pics w/ mah phone. Then edit the crap outta it hehe The Facebook app leaves much to be desired. Also, espn scorecenter. Gotta keep up with my teams & college/NFL football.

    Hmm what else?! Adownloader (aargh) Ebay, beweather (love the widget), Ulysse Speedometer, Pandora.

    What else? Umm, doubletwist alarm (paid version) & also adw launcher ex (paid version) I like to check the store every now and again to see if anything catches my eye :)
  6. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    OOH I LOVE INSTAGRAM! I can never get enough pictures of what people are eating for lunch

  7. jsphmuckey

    jsphmuckey Well-Known Member

    Yea, I don't take pics of my food lol maybe once or twice ;) But, I live on an island & there are a lot of beautiful sunsets & cool scenery. So I take pictures of nature & stuff. Its amazing the quality pics these smartphones are actually capable of!
  8. chrisjv3393

    chrisjv3393 Well-Known Member

    Cool, where u live? Lol
  9. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    im probably moving to an island myself sometime soon, for now tho, im in illinois, i could take some wonderful pictures of a cow... lol. but yea i just remembered a very useful app, most video players HATE aac audio, DicePlayer gets the job done nicely tho, tested it with the highest quality i had, 1:37 3.86gb 1080p mkv with aac audio plays all the way through not a single hiccup. any other player i used would desync the audio and stutter like crazy. had to migrate from my beloved moboplayer but it was worth the switch
  10. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    I love my mobo I cant see anything taking me away from it so you saying that ima try it out
  11. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    the one and only thing that took me away from mobo, mkv format... sad but true, mkv playback is horrible, you can do hardware decoding and the video plays good but there is NO sound, or you can do software decoding and the video is all choppy and out of sync, but you get your sound back. diceplayer gets it right
  12. Stlouizsin

    Stlouizsin Well-Known Member

    Gosms Pro: I like it because I could backup texts.

    Xbox Smartglass: Send and check messages.

    You Version The Bible App: I do believe in GOD

    TubeMate: Download YouTube videos

    Trulia - For Rent: Good app to use if your lease is up

    Video Caller Id: Ringtones is so like yesterday, why not have a video playing

    PlayerPro: Media player

    Swiftkey 3: My favorite keyboard

    Just a few must have apps. Take Care.

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