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  1. Actual

    Actual Active Member

    My HTC Desire HD uses a regular SIM but the HTC One X uses a Micro SIM.

    I used a SIM cutter to make my regular SIM into a Micro SIM but it didn

  2. craftycarper

    craftycarper Well-Known Member

    I noticed my old sim had bigger contact area than the micro sim supplied but after carefully cutting the old sim with a craft knife and printed template from a YouTube guide it works fine in my one x.
  3. frogger

    frogger Member

    i had a very old blue sim card that i have had for years

    the shop assistant said even if he cut it it would not work so he had to give me a new sim , he still had to cut it to size but it worked straight away
  4. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    I've noticed that SIM card's have 3 different size contact areas. The older ones have the largest and even when cut, they won't work.
  5. sebsal

    sebsal Well-Known Member

    I used a pair of scissors on my Giff Gaff sim to cut it down to micro. Totally ballsed it up and cut the slant on the wrong side. amazingly I jammed it into the card slot and it worked!
  6. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    skills :)
  7. kevinlufc

    kevinlufc Well-Known Member

    I got my phone from 3. The guy in the shop said he could either, give me a new sim (micro) where I would have to wait upto 24hrs for the sim to register. Or he could cut my sim down and use it straight away. Obviously being a big kid I went for the "cut it and let me play option". Turned out he cut it wrong. I later found out from another guy in the shop that they have a success rate of about 99% when cutting Sims down.

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