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Using android as an offline GPS with motorcycle

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  1. MrBlah

    MrBlah Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 20, 2010
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    Looking for suggestions on hardware and software for offline use, I will be buying an android device off craigslist, to be used for navigation/map use on a dualsport aka dirt bike in the mountains. No cell service, everything must be offline, there's no coverage up in the mountains anyway.

    Currently I use a garmin but it's cumbersome, hard to browse the map, the navigation part is pretty good though. My typical use would be trying to figure out where a road goes, it's hard to drag paper maps, and very hard on my garmin, so I need something that I can zoom in and out, and pan around on will make life much easier. Rarely do I use it for actual turn by turn, the only time I do that, is if I get way out there and need to find a gas station or a major highway, that can be via headphones or bluetooth.

    Suggestions for hardware? and water resistant/proof case? I would like to stay current vanilla android, no overlays.


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