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Using AUX cableSupport

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  1. munkeyboii

    munkeyboii New Member

    Has any one else experienced any issues with AUX cables. I have a speaker dock that uses a 3.5mm dock. I have tried using other devices and they all work, but for some reason my HTC does not recognize it. Headphones work but AUX doesn't work. Has anyone else experience any issues regarding AUX cables. I know what a 3.5mm cable is, it is plugged in all the way, I have tried other devices, and I have tried a new cable.

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    i just dug up an oem 3.5mm cable that came with a computer monitor and it worked fine. using a Blueant speaker to test. :confused:

    what do you mean by the HTC does not recognize the aux cable? do you not get ANY sound at all?

    what speaker dock are you using? can you try another peripheral or plug it into a laptop or computer aux in?

    also make sure you dont have a case on , as this could prevent the plug from going in all the way.

    also, if there is a lot of material around the base of the plug you are using, this too can cause issues...
  3. munkeyboii

    munkeyboii New Member

    Sorry. I mean I do not get sounds out to the External speaker. My HTC still plays through the Phone speakers. I have tried other cables, and other speaker docks. I have 2 speaker docks at home. One being the Altec Lansing iN Motion Air, and the other being the soundfreq. Both do noting but let the phone play through phone. Other devices seem to work perfectly

    Turns out it might be a faulty headphone jack. 3 different pairs of headphone jacks and nothing. Could this phone really already have this issue?
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    could very well be a physical issue with the phone port. I had no issues with a cheap OEM 3.5mm cable connected to a speaker.

    i suggest to take it into your carriers corp store and have them smoke it over. its still under warranty.

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