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Using custom sounds for the G2Support

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  1. matraklirahn

    matraklirahn Member

    Right, I know this issue has possibly been touched on in another thread, but I cannot for the life of me find it.

    So, my question is this.

    Is it possible to use your own sounds for incoming messages and alerts?

    I know you can assign individual ring tones to people in your address book and change the default ring tone, however I would like to know if there is a way to do that for incoming message sounds and so on.

    Any help or insight?

  2. picasso56

    picasso56 New Member

    Hi Bud
    Download Ringdroid from the market, that will change yours sound for contacts and alerts with any of your Mp3 Tunes hope this helps

  3. mykiemm

    mykiemm New Member

    The info is about on a few other threads. From memory you need to plug your phone into your PC and mount the SD card.

    Then create the following directories media/audio/notifications and media/audio/ringtones and put the MP3 files you want in.

    The ringtones and notification tones will then show in the lists in settings. If they dont you need to reset your phone. Apparently it doesnt work for everyone and you might need to format your SD card. But it worked for me no problem.

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