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  1. Dougfresh

    Dougfresh Member

    I want to use my deactivated Dinc in Indonesia and Japan with prepay calls and data. They have CDMA networks. Does anyone know if the phone is locked? Or any other problem that would prevent me from getting connected.

    I know people use thier verizon phones on these networks with verizon plans. So the technoligy should be compatible.


  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Verizon phones are locked and there is no easy way to "unlock" them like a GSM phone.

    You'd have to know what carrier your phone would be connecting to and have it flashed to that network. I'm sure someone in those countries would be able to do it for you for a small fee.

    To do it yourself you'd need to know all settings for that carrier and use a program like "CDMA workshop" to modify the phone.
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  3. Dougfresh

    Dougfresh Member

    Damn you again Verizon.

    Thanks Sd
  4. xyzqhtc

    xyzqhtc Member

    I know this is an old thread but reference sake. Verizon phones are way too easy to use outside of US. I bought a used one from ebay and successfully use it outside the US (I don't live in US).

    All you do is dial ##775 and load PRL from your country's cdma network. The SPC/MSL code for verizon htc droid incredible is 000000. Once loaded, you get the signal and then you could OTA (*228) or manually program using ##778 (if you know your network parameters).

    EVDO parameters is also configurable via ##778.
    This info is of course somewhere out on the net on some forum, may be this one.

    verizon dinc is a bit old but still an excellent phone to keep. I'm keeping mine for as long as it will last.
  5. Dougfresh

    Dougfresh Member

    Good stuff! I did what you said. And something changed :) I'm not sure what. What do I do now? Go to the wireless service provider and say what?
  6. xyzqhtc

    xyzqhtc Member

    what exactly happened? what did you do?

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