using different sim cards (Locking)

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  1. Lineman69

    Lineman69 Well-Known Member

    I have a xt701 unlocked from day of purchase and rooted by me.

    I recently left the country where the roaming fees would have been crazy. If i was to go to different countries and buy sim cards from there carriers and install them in my phone would that then lock the phone again and i would have to unlock it to put my original sim card back in??

    If so is this the best way to go???

  2. OriginalLucy

    OriginalLucy New Member

    Hi lineman69, using other country sim cards will not lock your phone. When phones are locked, it is by the carrier you got it from. You have an unlocked phone and it will stay that way regardless of the number of sim cards you use with it. cheers
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