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Using Droid Incredible in CanadaGeneral

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  1. the3count2down

    the3count2down New Member

    I'm going to be visiting Canada (Toronto) this weekend and was hoping I could get some answers from someone with experience traveling to Canada with a smartphone to avoid ridiculous charges. Before I had a Droid, I texted back to the U.S. and was never charged. Will this be the same now that I have the smartphone?
    To avoid data charges I plan on disabling data roaming, turning off the mobile network option, and turning off auto-sync and background data. Will this be enough to avoid data charges? I've also heard of putting your phone into airplane mode.
    Now, assuming this will prevent me from being charged and I can keep my phone on, will I still be able to use WiFi for free when I get to an open spot?

    The Verizon Wireless site doesn't seem to be much help. I'm sorry, I know you guys probably get this question a lot :/

  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums the3count2down :)

    Is this your first time visiting Toronto? I'm assuming and will just throw you some advices.

    You can put your phone on airplane mode and enable wifi when you find free spot (Timothy Coffee house, Starbucks and some McDonald stores). Putting it in airplane mode, you don't have to be afraid of disabling everything but just make sure you don't take your phone out of airplane mode and you should be fine :)

    There's a consortium of stores that has free wifi and is part of 'Wireless Toronto'. If you're close to any of these places, you can sign into their wifi (free).

    If you want some ideas of what to do and see some of the local attractions, just ask. :)

    Download the PDF to your phone:

    Cafes with free wifi in Toronto: The Best Cafes for Free WiFi in Toronto

    The Toronto Public Library has free WIFI. This is just a google map of all the libraries in Toronto (some aren't opened on Sunday)

    Also, download an offline GPS app if you haven't already. (Map Droyd, Locus and Maverick free ones that have good reviews).

    If you're going to be down town, it's cheaper to take the public transportation (than driving). The public transit in Toronto (TTC) sells 'Day Pass' for Saturday and Sunday. It's $10 and you can have 2 adults with up to 4 kids (under 19). This is really the cheaper way to travel in Toronto if you're with your family of 4/5. It's $3/adult for one way.

    Not sure if you know but Toronto is a part of CityPASS and you get a great Deal to see all of the big tourist attractions.
  3. answerman

    answerman Well-Known Member

    Just did this exact thing last week (wife's family has a cottage north of Kingston). The disabling data roaming will take care of you. We have DSL at the cottage with a WiFi router, and that's how I stayed connected.

    You will be charged for voice and text if you use either, though. I believe that they have an international roaming add-on that you could add to your plan for a month if you're concerned about it... last time I did it (I was with Alltel then, before the Verizon buyout) it was $10 a month.
  4. Wpz2000

    Wpz2000 Well-Known Member


    Putting it in airplane mode will disable all communications including using your phone for calls. Just disable (international) data roaming depending on your ROM and you can still take/make voice calls without any data service.

    If you use Google Voice, you can also text with that using Wifi. If you accidentally enable data, you will get a text message welcoming you to Canada and alerting you of international charges, at this point, you have not incurred any charges, just make sure you disable it right away.

  5. Ba'al

    Ba'al Member

    I'm in Canada with my Inc pretty regularly.

    You can call and turn on the 75mb Canada/Mexico data plan for $30/month and leave it on for the full 30 days to get the full 75mb or have it prorated which also prorates the data allowance (2.5mb/day).

    I find with no streaming, gaming, and not much surfing (occasionally checking news and such) but with an average of 80-100 ActiveSync push emails a day plus Facebook that I use around 2000-2500kb per day in Canada which for the most part makes prorating work or if I do go over while I'm up there for say 7 days, I just leave the plan on for 10 days to cover all of the data usage.

    If you just don't want to/plan to use data, don't just turn off data roaming, turn off data completely. Apparently when data roaming is turned off but mobile networks is left on, you can get charged for intl. data used during handshakes, MMS, etc.

    DROID_SCOTSMAN Well-Known Member

    I'd call the reps. When I called recently as I went into Canada, I was told I could text for free. I just turned off data on my phone and texted. Of course when I was near the border (Niagara) and I got a US signal I turned on the data etc. You will be significantly further, but I suspect you might be able to get a deal as others have posted. Just call verizon and ask...
  7. nfotiu

    nfotiu Well-Known Member

    When I went last summer, I added the Canadian unlimited data plan for not very much money. I think it was $30/month pro-rated just for the days I was there, but it was unlimited. Used my phone like crazy for 2 weeks without any data charges.

    Have they removed this unlimited option?
  8. Ba'al

    Ba'al Member

    Oh yeah.
  9. atlbravesfalcs7

    atlbravesfalcs7 Well-Known Member

    Just disable 3g, use wifi, and text however much you want as texting rates are the same in canada. Calls will be charged extra.

    I know this because I've been there many times and already researched this.
  10. opelikamike

    opelikamike Member

    My wife and I will be taking our granddaughter to Toronto for a day trip by train as we will be in Niagara Falls Ontario for 4 days. Other than the CN tower, what kind of things should we try to see the day we are in Toronto?
    Thanks, Mike
  11. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Hi Mike, when are you going to Toronto? I am not sure if you've seen the City Pass for Toronto

    It's a good package if you're going to a couple of days, but just for one day, you can see if you like anything else in there.

    If you're going between August 19th to September 5th, there's the Canadian National Exhibition that has a lot of fun things for you and your granddaughter to do.

    If you're in between August 25th to 28th, there's a festival call Buskerfest with live street performers :)
  12. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member

    What about apps like groove IP and textplus. Seems like you should be able to avoid all SMS and voice charges using apps like those. Since I believe that 3G access is free for US VZW customers in Canada, this would be the way to go.

    Anyone have experience using apps like these?
  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    You don't have 3G roaming in Canada if you are with Verizon? That's pretty cool. There are tones of 3g text message style app. I use Whatsapp as it's across all OS platforms.
  14. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member

    That's what the rep assured me. I actually think my solution will be a combo of Groove IP and Google Voice. Groove IP lets me call over 3G or Wifi routing through Google Voice (I just don't know if I can get incoming calls to be answered by Groove IP unfortunately.)

    Texting is easy enough through Google Voice. It's not as good as regular texting through GoSMS, but I can live a night without MMS and fancy features I suppose.

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