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  1. Celeste10

    Celeste10 New Member

    Hello friends! I will move to China from the USA in January. I was told I would get a Galaxy 10. Tablet as a gift to take with me. Will I be able to use it in Shanghai and if so, does anyone have an idea of the cost per month to use it there?

    Thank you.

  2. jjcczz

    jjcczz New Member

    You can definitely use it there. I am not sure about the monthly cost though...
  3. Queen6

    Queen6 Well-Known Member

    I am not certain of the cost of mobile, as i haven't lived in PRC since 08, however what you will need is a proxy or better still VPN as many sites are restricted due to content, best to sort this out now as once you are past HK you are effectively behind the firewall...

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