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using Google voice to cancel phone plan

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  1. miriahj

    miriahj New Member

    I just purchased a galaxy note and I would like to use it on only WiFi and will be cancelling the plan this month(I only signed the contract so I could get the phone for cheap). I set up a Google voice account and got a free number through Google. I also set up a groove IP account and have the phone working just fine with no service. Now, I want to port the number from my old evo over to Google voice before i shut it off as well. The number for the galaxy is my forwarding number on Google voice. So my question is: once my old cell phone number is ported over and the service gets turned off, will that prevent gv from working? Do I have to have a forwarding number that is on a service plan? In essence I want one phone with no plans whatsoever using wifi, gv, and groove. Can I do this? My eyes are starting to bleed from reading all these forum posts to no avail.

  2. FrankXS

    FrankXS Well-Known Member

    If you port the number you'll owe the ETF.

  3. miriahj

    miriahj New Member

    I'm not really sure what it would mean to owe the etf but I've had this phone number for 8 years and the phone that this number is on is on a pay as you go plan that i hope to cancel. All I need to know is if it matters whether or not the forwarding number is functional since it wont be reviving anything anyways. I unchecked the box for the forwarding number in Google voice

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