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  1. shenkov

    shenkov Active Member

    I have a unlocked Galaxy 3 (european) and I am in the US. I'd like to use GPS on the phone and I am wondering how I can do it without signing up a data plan with T mobile. Telenav only supports certain phones and my model is not one of those. Any bluetooth GPS works? Thank you all in advance.

  2. gamma

    gamma Active Member

    you don't need a Data plan to use a few Navigation apps like, Copilot Live , NDrive, Sygic Mobile Maps 9

    check out this site it has Android Sat Nav Apps for more information about many navigation/map applications.
  3. shenkov

    shenkov Active Member

    That's great info. I'll take a look. Thanks.
  4. shenkov

    shenkov Active Member

    Allow me to be a non-geek. I still have some questions using the mentioned GPS apps. 1) Most of them are for Europe; 2) I don't understand if you don't have data plan (3G or 4G) how do you get real time routes, location? Because the phone does not have a GPS receiver. It only has A-GPS, it requires the phone (data plan)/GPS service to convert/feed the phone. Am I wrong? 3) What make sense to me is a bluetooth GPS receiver which feed the phone vis bluetooth to get real time directions. Any such device that works with samsung galaxy 3?
    Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
  5. anish.awalkar

    anish.awalkar Member

    I m sorry bt i hav used GPS wid real time routing india....A-GPS stands for Advanced GPS so it is even betr reciever then jst a GPS
    BUt the GPS software on dis phone is a bit buggy so to hav a good reception of the satellites dowload GPS optimization software from Android Market...its free & one click solution to the problem...
    U dnt require Bluetooth receptors the phone's reception is quite good after optimization.
    another thing i really doubt on the offline routing bcoz i hav m using my gps on SAttelites & data to download d data wich is been used up even if u use for d whole day will nt exeed more den 3-4 MB wich is very low for me atleast & i hav a very low data plan as well....
  6. shenkov

    shenkov Active Member

    I am sorry, A stands for "Assisted". In laymans terms A-GPS uses a internet/data connection to "assist" in obtaining satellite signal for the GPS unit. So I am sure you have some data plan if you ahve real time routing. Only android phone with dedicated GPS is Garmin phone, but it will cease to exist soon.:eek:

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