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Using HMDI adapter and HMDI cordSupport

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  1. temore

    temore New Member

    I am so frustrated with this HMDI connector that I tried 3 hrs trying to get netflix to come through my Vizio TV from phone. I know it is the correct HMDI connector due to the fact it was in box with phone when purchased. I tried HMDI 1 and 2 in setting on TV. My Droid works with its cord, so I can rule out the TV... Operator error I'm sure :eek: I have not throughly learned everything on this phone, I go through phones fairly quickly but I thought I found "The one" This time. I know you are suppose to be smarter than the objects you operate:) Is anybody got any suggestions as far as settings, etc... I can find input out, I assumed it was not needed with the HMDI adapter. It plays on phone but no go on the TV. Please someone help before I go crazier.

  2. andyinmichigan

    andyinmichigan Well-Known Member

    the phone does indeed ship with the mhl adapter. It does not however actually work to send a signal to TV, pretty sure it's an ATT thing. It might work on some different roms, Im not sure.

    if you are stock, stop trying, it won't work.

    So why did they send it with the phone you might ask? I don't know.
  3. Rainman4tech

    Rainman4tech Member

    Just used mine this past weekend, running stock gingebread. Tip is you have to plug your charger cord into the side of the HDMI end of the patch cable and power it up . It will not work without the power.

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