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  1. carlos fandango

    carlos fandango New Member

    I'm travelling abroad in a couple of weeks and will be taking my HTC Desire with me. Now I'm aware of the huge bills that can be run up if you dont switch off mobile network.
    Q1....Are there any other settings which should be switched off so that I'm not going to find a huge bill when I arrive back home. I correct in thinking that if I'm in a Wi-fi hotspot I could switch on the phones wi-fi setting only and use the internet that way and it would be totally free and not affect my mobile phone bill.

    Thanks in advance for any help


  2. Pojken

    Pojken Well-Known Member

    Depending on your carrier, you also might get charged for sending and receiving phone calls and texts. If the phone is not vital to you - in other words, you just need it for local communication (ie if you have friends in the city and want to be able to call in case you get lost) - try getting a local SIM, provided your phone is unlocked.

    If you are traveling abroad to Europe, in most countries here you should be able to buy a cheap SIM card from a convenience store. For instance, in Sweden, we have cash cards that cost about $20 USD. That allows people to call (no charge to you) and you to make calls until the money runs out. When I go to Greece, I will likely use that option just to be able to have a local phone in case I need one. I won't need to contact home, and if so, I can always use Fring.

    Oh, and to answer: Q1, if you have mobile network off, you don't need to worry about anything else. Q2, yes you are right. Wifi uses wifi. Nothing else.


    p.s. In case you don't know, you can press and hold the power button to turn off the mobile network (among other things).
  3. zoidy84

    zoidy84 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to Gran Canaria in 2 weeks and am not taking my phone with me, i'm with Orange and you have two options as far as im aware. You can either phone them and arrange a short term roaming bundle that will soften the blow or get bent over a barrel for even having someone leave you an answer phone message.

    I have downloaded an app called Extended Control Bar that gives you the ability to turn off Data network, GPRs, WiFi, pretty much everything possible.

    I would recommend that as its only $0.79 or something and saves me money and battery life!
  4. kboya

    kboya Well-Known Member

    fair play, but all these widget options are available as standard
  5. Tonco

    Tonco Active Member

    I've just returned to UK from Belgium. I'm with T Mobile. I switched off roaming and mobile networks in the tunnel (probably overkill to switch both off but that's what I did) which meant no data charges until I was ready. When I was ready, I switched both back on and tried to connect to the internet, a few seconds later I received the expected text from T-mobile which offers 2 options: the 1 day, 3Mb (I think) for
  6. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Just make sure data while roaming option is not ticked on the mobile data settings.

    And you're set
  7. Hardcore

    Hardcore Well-Known Member

    Where are you from Carlos?
  8. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    Somewhere where around 25-30 years ago they used to play Hamlet adverts on the TV that featured a certain brand of super wide wheels :D
  9. DDjnr

    DDjnr Member

    I have just returned from cyprus and I couldnt connect to any service providers there , I kept getting the error message that my sim does not allow connection to this network .any ideas on why this happens ? I`m with t-mobile uk
  10. SiHa

    SiHa Well-Known Member

  11. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Do you have international roaming enabled on your account? And enabled in the network settings of your phone?

    I realise that those are dumb questions, but if you answer "yes" to both it might be worth checking that your network thinks you have roaming enabled - it's always possible that they have made an error.
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