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  1. bourbontown

    bourbontown New Member

    I currently use a Motorola WX345 on the Consumer Cellular network, and just purchased a Motorola Bravo on eBay to replace it (the Bravo was used on the AT&T network). I swapped the SIM card from the WX345 to the Bravo, and now I get a MotoBlur setup screen. I cannot get past this setup sequence. Do I need to purchase an unlock code? Since Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network, I thought I could swap the SIM cards and everything would work. I am a complete newbie, and would appreciate any assistance. Thanks in advance.

  2. RebusCannebus

    RebusCannebus New Member

    No, you don't need to unlock.

    I'm a new Consumer Cellular/Bravo customer, as well. I've heard conflicting information on whether you can uninstall Motoblur after the fact. But before the fact (i.e., the first time you boot up your Bravo) you will be forced to set up Motoblur. No way around that, that I'm aware of. And it shouldn't be a problem. Once you've completed Motoblur setup, you should be able to use your phone normally--assuming there isn't something else blocking your way.

    Per Consumer Cellular's website, shouldn't be a problem using an AT&T Bravo with CC's service.

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