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    I am posting this in hope that the Android developers take notice of an extremely frustrating problem I experienced today and that the problem is fixed with the next operating system update.

    Earlier today, I was in a car accident. I picked up my phone to call the police and decided to use the Emergency Mode because entering my password was just too much, given the mental state I was in. Well, I placed the call to the police, hung up, and then wanted to phone a friend of mine to come meet me because I was so distraught. I attempted to make the phone call using contact info stored on my phone. The phone wouldnt let me place the call, alerting me to the fact that the phone was in "Emergency Mode". So, I proceeded to push the button on the top of my phone, which shuts the screen off. Then, I pushed it again to turn the screen back on. I was given the option to either enter my password or, again, use Emergency Mode. This time, I entered my password, unlocking the phone. But, much to my dismay, I was still not able to place the call to my friend. The phone continued to indicate that it was in "Emergency Mode". I repeated this several times, each time re-entering my password, to no avail. The only way I was able to place the call was to pull the battery on the HTC EVO. This was quite frustrating, considering the state I was in just after the accident.

    Again, I am hoping that an Android developer reads my post so that it can be fixed. There is nothing like not being able to phone someone when you most need them. Thanks. :(

  2. There should be a button to exit emergency mode. If not, just turn the phone off and back on and it will be back to normal.

    This is not a developer issue. All phones do this. If you were in an accident, and called 911 and passed out, emergency mode allows the dispatchers to find your location. Without it, it would be much harder and take more time for them to do this.
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  3. NetDude

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    It IS a developer issue. If I choose to subsequently exit emergency mode by entering my password, it should exit emergency mode and go into normal mode.
  4. marctronixx

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    when the phone goes into emergency mode, it enters a different state of operation. the phone MUST send RELIABLE and ACCURATE location information to the closest PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) so the dispatch can in turn get medical help to you as fast as possible. seconds save lives in accidents and having that reliable info is KEY.

    once the call is made, the phone STAYS in emergency mode UNTIL a soft reset or battery pull. THIS IS A FEATURE!! the law that mandates this errs on the side of caution in that if someone needs to make another call OR if they need to keep the phone transmitting their location, this mode will keep that going with no human intervention.

    most people do not really understand how emergency mode works, hence the frustration.

    contrary to what you may feel, this is NOT a design flaw. many phones behave this way, iphones, nextel phones, ppc phones, dumb phones.... all requiring battery pulls when you need to exit them out of emergency mode.

    some phones dont have password features to unlock the phone or screen but these phones must all behave the same way when in emergency mode..

    it was unfortunate you were in an accident and i am relived that you seem to be OK. your life is much more important and mobile handsets do what they can to protect your life.
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    All phones do this. Many dumb phones do this if you pick up the phone and just call 911 normally. The phone just locks into a mode where all you can call is 911. It sounds like the accident was really severe if you were that shaken up about it. I do hope you're ok.
  6. And again, as I told you 4 months ago, entering your password does not exit emergency mode. Once in emergency mode, it stays that way until you turn the phone off then back on.
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    Which is a good thing.

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