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using phone while charging

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  1. amit84

    amit84 Member

    so i guess if u use your phone while charging, it actually uses the battery (which makes sense of course)

    but after unplugging, goes down to like 89% because u were using while charging

    i put it back on the charger without using to 100% and its been there for a while now... interesting

  2. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    i don't have this issue but alot of people have talked about it... i charge mine alllllll nite so it gets done at 100 percent and sits for probably 5 hours and when i unplug it it is still at 100.
  3. KAuss

    KAuss Well-Known Member

    I use my phone on the charger a lot, in fact it almost ends up that way each night as I squeeze the last bit of use before having to plug it back in...

    I use my phone a LOT, and I think the one downside is the heat that gets generated by doing this...

    Still with a new battery being $10, does it really matter?

    You should have no problem using the phone while plugged, but not sure how it works when you use it after it reaches 100%... People have said it reverts back to battery use, but when I start using it, I just disconnect it anyways... Since you can charge Li-Ions as often as you need, there's no point in leaving it plugged once you feel the need to use it...
  4. kencrudup

    kencrudup Well-Known Member

    It's not using the battery in any appreciable way while charging if the handset is off, and usually not even if it's on and active if the run-time current draw is sufficient to be supplied over USB. Most of the handsets I've worked with have intelligent PMICs that handle this kind of thing transparently.

    Use on!
  5. Stormin

    Stormin Well-Known Member

    Mine is plugged in right now while I'm surfing and it is still charging. I typically surf of an evening with it plugged in and it is always 100% when I finish.

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