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  1. Paul Rogers

    Paul Rogers Member

    'Places' seems reasonably OK and has its uses, more or less.
    However... for example, I'm in London and I want to find out what goes on in St Ives, Cornwall, generally speaking.
    So, on searching 'St Ives', 'Places' seems to want to insist on my GPS being able to produce a location for me before it will do anything else. Being as I live in a GPS black hole, that aint going to happen. It just comes back with 'your current location is temporarily unavailable'. In any case, I couldn't be less interested in where I am. Rather, I was hoping to learn something about a place that I intend to visit at some future point in time. Is this not the point of the bleeding thing?
    Can someone please fill me in on what it is that I am missing. How do I over-ride the 'my location' bit that it seems so determined to satisfy itself about. Obviously, I have already tried switching off the GPS in 'settings'.
    If it should turn out that this is not about my own stupidity, and is in fact one of the procedural prerequisites for this particular app, then if I were an author of 'Places', I would want to find a hole and bury myself in it.
    Please, can somebody confirm my own suspicions that I am a complete moron and have missed something blindingly obvious.

  2. Paul Rogers

    Paul Rogers Member

    Well... I'm still none-the-wiser about 'Places'. But, much as expected, I have re-discovered the 'Use Wireless Networks for Location' in Settings. This kind of makes me the moron I suppose, in that I had overlooked that alternative.
    But, I'd still really like to know if anyone can point to a work-around for 'Places' needing a current 'my location' in order to function. I guess I'm not alone in feeling distinctly uneasy about sharing intimate details with Christ-knows-whom - particularly where the recipients of such data have anything to do with the likes of facebook, google, or suchlike.
  3. kauvio

    kauvio Member

    Not moronic at all my friend! It should be technology's job to make things easy for us! :)

    I'm not sure which version of Maps you have but on mine (6.0.3) there is the option to "Enter an address" after touching the current location. Maybe you have to update your app in the Play store!


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