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  1. romeodakins

    romeodakins Well-Known Member

    I bought this motorola photon and it's locked to sprint. What is a trusted site to get an unlock code for like 8 bucks? And will my tmobile sim card work for it?

  2. scottegos2

    scottegos2 Member

    As has been discussed to death elsewhere, the Photon 4G SIM slot is not locked -- only the CDMA provisioning. However, the radio is programmed not to associate with any U.S. GSM towers, no matter what SIM card you get. There is an ongoing effort in xda-developers to "fix" that; however, it seems pretty dicey to me. If this is what's important to you, you'd be better off selling the Photon and getting a phone more suitable for what you are really trying to do!
  3. romeodakins

    romeodakins Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about? I chatted with motorola support and they said tmobile sim card does work because the phone is gsm.
  4. scottegos2

    scottegos2 Member

    Well, then I guess you got your answer. Good luck with that.

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