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    Aug 15, 2013
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    I'm having trouble with the site search. Using google, I searched for "cyanogenmod 10 lg lucid", which led me to cyanogenmod's website, which linked to a post by stcarlo titled "CyanogenMod 10 for the LG Lucid" on this site at .../lucid-all-things-root/697245-rom-beta-cyanogenmod-10-lg-lucid.html. I'm trying to get to know the site here, and I typed that thread title verbatim into the site search field and couldn't find it. I even added stcarlo as a keyword. So, what am I doing wrong? The results I'm getting from this site's search aren't very relevant. thx

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    Hello Pueblo and congrats on the first post since you joined about 7 months ago.:)

    Um, the site search, it can be hit or miss. I normally use Google to search AF, with much better results.

    If you use the syntax " [your search terms]" it will normally do pretty well.
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    There are a couple of ways I can think of to search what you are looking for. Both of which gave me the exact thread you were looking for as the first result. :)

    Android Forums Search:
    Go to advanced search.

    I typed "Cyanogenmod 10" (no quotes) in the keywords field. I selected LG "Lucid - All Things Root" in the search in forums section.
    (Click to Enlarge)

    Then I hit search.

    As you can see from the search results, the thread you were looking for is the first on the list.

    Alternatively, you could go to the LG Lucid - All Things Root section on the site. Select Search this Forum toward the upper right, and type cyanogenmod 10.
    (Click to Enlarge)

    Search results for this method of search. The thread you were looking for came up third in these results.

    Within the Lucid root section you could also check the all things root guide that is stickied at the top. In this case, the thread you are looking for is linked in the guide under the "ROMs" heading.

    Google Search Method:
    Using Google Search Operators you can use google to search only Android Forums for a specific term. The format is: your search term

    So for my search, I typed exactly this into Google:
    CyanogenMod 10 LG Lucid

    As you can see, the Search Results using this method also returned the thread you were looking for as the top result.

    Hopefully that helps some. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.
  4. palmtree5

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    May 2, 2012
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    Actually order doesn't matter for the Google method I think.

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