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  1. sukumard

    sukumard New Member

    While I was using Skype happily, suddenly it does not connect any more, when I enter the password it gives message signing in and does not connect to skype or give any error message.

    I know I am using the right password because I have checked it on my PC, any suggestions are welcome

  2. ravichandra

    ravichandra New Member

    uninstall and reinstall
  3. cyber.freek

    cyber.freek Member

    if u have another skype account try logging in with that account. otherwise, create a new account thru the skype app itself and u shud b able to log in to the newly created account.

    now, log out of this (new) account and try logging back into ur previous skype account...

    i had the same issue, on a hunch created a new account thru the app to see weda it'll work.... i havent had problems signing in with my normal skype account after the above procedure...

    cheers, hope this helps....
  4. heidelfuchs

    heidelfuchs Member

    i would suppose, that this maybe an issue of the skype network. As most of you know the skype network is quite unstable since november of last year and even by now there are still problems. My advice would be -> wait half an hour -> restart skype. That should make it until the next disconnect.

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