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  1. ehoulston

    ehoulston Member

    I just got an HTC Desire that was locked to Telus (Canadian Carrier). I have read that numerous people are using it on Rogers network. From the day I got it when I put my rogers sim card in (the right way) it said "No SIM card in phone" so I could not enter an unlock code. Thinking the SIM was defective went to Telus and tried one of their sim cards and it worked fine, then I went to Rogers thinking it was a problematic card. We tried 4 cards and none of them worked. I then went to Bell (another canadian carrier) and tried their sim card. It worked as well but said that the phone was locked. I purchased an unlock code from the internet which worked. Now the Bell sim card works as well becuase the phone is unlocked. I put my Rogers SIM back into it and it still sais "No SIM card in phone". I also tried a SIM from a european company and it did not work as well. This HTC Desire works on the same 3G 850/1900 GSM that Rogers uses.
    Im close to giving up. Please help me:)

  2. smoore22

    smoore22 Member

    I had no problem getting the phone to work with my Rogers SIM. Since unlocking the phone does not void the warranty according to everything I have read, I would be inclined to contact HTC support for assistance.
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  3. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Same fact I've used three different SIMs in my Desire. The original Rogers SIM that I used when I unlocked the phone and it worked fine. The Bell one that I used from my wife to confirm it worked on their network ok. And the new Rogers micro-SIM that works in both mini and micro phones.
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  4. ehoulston

    ehoulston Member

    I've thus far found out that I have a telus phone that has a non telus OS installed. The Baseband version is Im just migrating from a Blackberry so all of this is new to me. From what Ive read I think I have to make a gold card then install a different RUU??? Please let me know if im making a mistake. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Tlove

    Tlove New Member

    Try this thread, might be able to help : Update to stock HTC Froyo. Did you buy it directly from Telus? Wonder why you have different software than the rest of us.
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  6. ehoulston

    ehoulston Member

    I bought the Cell online. Cant figure this one out at all. I made a gold card and upgraded to 2.2 successfully. Still the "No Sim Card In Phone" error.
    I think im going to give up unless someone has another suggestion.
    the worst part is that I have found some people online who have solved the problem but after they did they stopped posting to the thread! I promise not to be one of those people.
  7. ehoulston

    ehoulston Member

    Update: When I go to Model # in phone identity it says its a A8181 which is 900/2100. Im thinking this is why it wont recognize my Sim card. In order to change the Model #, do I have to change RUUs, do I need to root the phone, or do I have to do something completely different. Sorry I just migrated from a BB. Please help as I cant wait to use this beauty!!
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I think you either need to return teh phone to whoever you bought it from or get a Telus sim.

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