Using the browser to download NZB files to my home pc.

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  1. wiggo123

    wiggo123 Member


    Im interested to know if their is a way of broswing nzb sites, and then when I see one I want to download, it automatically goes to my home pc and starts downloading.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I know you can do this with Vuze for torrents but not seen anything for NZB's. It will partly depend on your home router though. I couldn't get Vuze to work with mine, so it will have to support whatever protocol the application requires.

    First of all, check the website for the client (alt.binz or whatever you use) to see if they have an app or web site that will do this.)
  3. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    It may not help, but you can use 'download crutch' to download 'any' file to your sd card, whether your phone supports it or not. but you'd still have to manually transfer it to the pc.
  4. wiggo123

    wiggo123 Member

    Thanks for input guys. I'll keep doing the research on it, and if I get any satisfactory answers I will post on here.

  5. mclemme

    mclemme Active Member

    The following approach can be used for torrent files, googled a bit and it seems that there are some nzb programs which can monitor a particular folder for new nzb files and download as soon as they appear.

    Step 1: You can download the files as you normally do, with your browser on your phone, and then use the android dropbox app to upload it to a dropbox folder.

    Step 2: Install dropbox on your home PC, it will synchronize your dropbox folder automatically. Set your nzb program to monitor the folder which you put the nzb file into.

    Step 3: Enjoy knowing that your home PC starts downloading whenever you put an nzb file in that folder, from the dropbox web interface, the android app, etc :)

    If you want you can use my dropbox signup, it gives both you and me 250MB extra space (2GB is standard) :)
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  6. wiggo123

    wiggo123 Member

    That's fantastic. It seems really simple and yet so effective. I'll give it a go when I'm back from work. Thanks again.

  7. Mushhushshu

    Mushhushshu Well-Known Member

    Awesomesauce - Great tip mate thanks. Had it all set up but never thought of doing that and setting my downloader to monitor dropbox. Kudos to you.
  8. boomhower

    boomhower Well-Known Member

    If you run a server they're is a really cool way to do up a program called sabnzb which downloads the nzbs. Get an account with can then"bookmark"nzbs. You set up an rss feed that san rss and them downloads the file. Took me a couple hours to get itset up but its more than worth it.

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