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  1. skittleys

    skittleys Member

    My Mom got a Tab for Christmas, and she's having a lot of probs with it! She doesn't want a data plan, so there's no SIM card in it, and this is causing numerous problems.

    For example, when using the "Reader's Hub" app, when you click update, it says "Error: No SIM. Unable to launch application.". There seems to be no way to bypass this!

    I read here that you can select to use it without the SIM on the first boot: Will the Galaxy Tab work without a SIM? - Android Forums. Is the only option now to do a factory reset?

    How do we make this thing work?!

  2. ziffos

    ziffos Well-Known Member

    So long as you have Wifi access then you should be able to go Menu>Settings>Wireless and network>Mobile networks then make sure that "Use packet data is UNticked.
  3. KUDOS 555

    KUDOS 555 Well-Known Member

    yep same problem, cant access samsung aps due to no sim, need the whsmith app for
  4. KUDOS 555

    KUDOS 555 Well-Known Member

    nope the mobile networks button is greyed out
  5. skittleys

    skittleys Member

    Agreed, this option is greyed out!
  6. Lol mahmood

    Lol mahmood Well-Known Member

    Could you not pop in a SIM (your phone SIM, for example) just to access Smiths, and then download the books over wi fi?
  7. KUDOS 555

    KUDOS 555 Well-Known Member

    yep tried that with my vodafone sim, but didnt seem to want to go fully in, which way up should it go, chip facing down or up
  8. Digikid

    Digikid New Member

    Try this.

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  9. skittleys

    skittleys Member

    Thank you!! It actually didn't work for me, but at least there's a community where I can keep inquiring!

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