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  1. videovirgin

    videovirgin Member

    Downloaded and used Skype to talk to my nephew in Arkansas yesterday but couldn't get a video connection. Nowhere on the Skype screen to indicate where to find and turn video on (unlike the PC screen), yet the VP7 comes with a webcam. Why?

    What am I missing here guys?:rolleyes:

  2. videovirgin

    videovirgin Member

    No wonder I got no response to that query, it was (to those in the know) stupid, because all you have to do is switch the camera's operation from back to front camera. All you have to do is FIND the friggin switch, THEN it becomes simple!

    50 pages of downloaded User's Guide and it's a waste of space for anything more than the glaringly obvious.
  3. jonesbarnsley

    jonesbarnsley New Member

    Hi videovirgin my normally very clued up 10 year old son is having the same problem and I too have downloaded pages of instructions but can't find the vital button!!

    More than happy to appear daft but what do you press? Skype not the same without pictures!!

    Julia x
  4. videovirgin

    videovirgin Member

    The Skype video link doesn't appear to be available!

    To switch between the front and rear camera you open the camera screen and along the edge of the camera control section on the right of the screen you'll see four symbols (on the Viewpad 7), hitting the top one opens the choices for the camera: Between front and main camera and the picture size and quality.
  5. franklinrw

    franklinrw New Member

    I too had the same question with my viewpad7. How to use the front camera for video calling. So I asked Viewsonic tech department and the say Skype needs Android 2.3 to recognize the front camera, the only way to have a video call is with tango, however you will need to use the back camera, sucks hey!. So I asked so what is the front camera used for? the astonishing answer "To take Pictures" Why would you go around taking pictures with a VGA camera if you have the 3 MP on the rear!!

    So my fellow VP7 owners, we are sc...ed, no way to do any video calls with our dual camera super duper tablet.:mad:
  6. franklinrw

    franklinrw New Member

    Ok I got good news! regarding video call, I tried Fring and did the test video call and it worked, the front camera actually worked! omg. Those guys from tech support at viewsonic know squat.
  7. videovirgin

    videovirgin Member

    @franklinrw - Well done!

    Will give that a try now and get back.
  8. videovirgin

    videovirgin Member

    Well, it certainly works on the test call.

    Just have to convince the rest of the world to download 'fring' now and I can talk to someone.
  9. foxi

    foxi New Member

    i cant change to front camera , it always goes back to the back camera . is there any SAVE button? something? after i change and close the camera it looses all my changes. can anyone here help me? thanks.

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