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Using Virgin Mobile on Sprint??Support

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  1. longshot

    longshot Well-Known Member

    Is there anyway to use a Virgin Mobile phone on the Sprint network. The reason I ask is my dad has Sprint now and he would just like to buy the Optimus V straight out at Target for $150 so he isn't renewing a 2 year contract with Sprint, just wants to put the new phone on his Sprint service.

  2. digitaljeannie

    digitaljeannie Well-Known Member

    Virgin Mobile phones should work on Sprint contract accounts, no tinkering required.
    Years ago, I once had to, in an emergency, purchase a mickey-mouse virgin phone for temporary use while my sprint contract phone was out for repairs. They did the swap for me at the Sprint store and when my contract phone came back I just swapped it back.
    He should be able to swap his current phone for the Optimus on his sprint account with little issue.
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  3. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    VIRGIN MOBILE PHONES WILL ***NOT*** work off Sprint Accounts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they are provisioned different. Will not work.

    just like the MC760 broadband2go from Virgin Mobile, and the U760 from SPRINT are the exact same identical devices from Novatel Wireless.
    But THE ESN's are coded different.

    Likewise, you could take the SPRINT USB device and to to a third party like Millenicom. Take a MC760 VM device, and its a NO GO.

    Same applies to Virgin Mobile Phones. THEY WON'T WORK ON A SPRINT CONTRACT. Although the both use the same tower!

    nice idea though. . .

  4. digitaljeannie

    digitaljeannie Well-Known Member

    Broadband devices may be different but I'm telling you from personal experience that I used a Virgin Mobile phone on my Sprint contract account. I even bought it at the Sprint store and a Sprint employee set it up. However, Sprint contract phones will not work on Virgin Mobile.

    Can you cite your reference to your claim that they will not work?
  5. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    My cited REFERENCE is personal experience.

    But if you dont believe, me, try it, and you'll see.

    Why do you think they make the OPTIMUS S for SPRINT, and the OPTIMUS V for Virgin Mobile, and the Optimus T for T-Mobile? the ESN's are coded for a specific carrier.

    you also said "YEARS AGO" in your original post. Maybe then, Not Now.

    No more discussion on the subject myself. But don't say I didn't tell ya it wont work.

  6. tod VM670

    tod VM670 Member

    They will do it at Sprint but they are BSing you all or the dont want you to do cause VM/ Commonsense/some branded phone Rite Aid and walgreens($15.00-$40 phones) run on Sprint too phones run a lot cheaper..so in turn they sucker you into buying sprint branded phone. Same for Nextel and Boost

    As you know theres kits out there to unlock so you can use any carrier of choice also.....
  7. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    Well I have no idea on this topic, but also the Optimus T is a GSM phone when the other's are CDMA :p Just thought I'd point out the obvious lol :p idk I could see it working though because GSM phones not only use SIM cards but have different frequencies, Sprint and Virgin Mobile have the same frequencies though... Now say if Sprint has a ton of ESN's blocked or every ESN except for a Sprint ESN blocked than it might not be doable, from what I've seen it seems Virgin Mobile is setup that way.

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