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Using Wifi DirectSupport

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  1. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    Any one tried using wifi direct on their phone yet? I am trying to send data back and forth between my TF700 and my One. When I turn on wifi direct, I get a connection between the two. The problem is my file xfer fails when sending from TF700 to ONe. I try to use the wifi pipe to send a video from the Gallery app and share it directly from there. When I try to send from Gallery on the One to the TF700, I do not even see a wifi direct option under share. It would be nice to know if anyone else has gotten it to work either.

  2. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Does your TF700 have WiFi Direct?

    I think both devices need to have that capability, not just WiFi connections. I've had it on my LTEvo, but I've never used it. :confused:
  3. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    The TF700 has it and even presents it as a sharing option from the Gallery app. The One does not show this as an option in the Gallery app but both show wi-fi direct as an option in the settings menu under WIFI.
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

  5. verminatorno5

    verminatorno5 Member

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  6. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    Wifi direct should work between these two devices without an app. I may resort to using this though if I cannot get the native tool to work.

    FYI, many of these apps say they are wifi direct but they are not. They just turn one device into a server and still need to be on a LAN to work. That means any files sent need to be sent to a rounter from the source then down to the target. That is two trips for one file. Real wifi direct is a one hop xfer so it should be 2x faster than using the router. Either way is faster than NFC or bluetooth though .:)
  7. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    When using wifi direct, one of the devices needs to be seen as a server to the other or host device. if they are both trying to be servers then they are not talking to each other to make that determination.

    a brief google search on the tf700 presents people saying the wifi direct mode is crippled and/or is not working properly.
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  8. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    I opened a ticket with HTC on this and it appears that is atleast a problem with the Gallery APP not supporting wifi direct. That may not be the whole problem but it is part of the problem.

    Not seeing where you declare one as a server in the settings. I have made the two devices connect according to the wifi menu. They first they say 'invited' then they say 'connected'.

    I will look up the issue about tf700 not working on google.
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  9. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator


    what I mean is the app will set one as the server. When you want to join two (or more) devices, one has to give a pin or WPS needs to be activated first then that device that sends the pin or activates WPS becomes the server or host. one can then start using the app as normal.

    I agree there is no need to use another app for wifi direct. Thanks for opening up the HTC ticket..
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  10. SternMills

    SternMills New Member

    Superbeam doesnt actually seem to use Wifi Direct. This one hasn't been working well for me and its a bit complicated. I use HitcherNet-BETA. Its in beta but it works great on my S3 and it ACTUALLY uses Wifi Direct. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kharybdis.hitchernet
  11. sombanerjee4

    sombanerjee4 Member

    today a friend of mine tried to send a video via wifi direct from his Samsung note, and it didn't work out. after selecting settings>Wi-Fi>menu>Wi-Fi direct, under "peer devices" his phone was visible, but when I tapped his phone, it came that invitation sent , but no connection was made, and while he tried to send the video through it from his Note, again connection was not made. Infact I don't even get and option of sharing anything from Wi-Fi direct unlike Samsung note, s3 or the s4. Any head's up on this?
  12. sombanerjee4

    sombanerjee4 Member


    Samsung devices seem to have this feature as a sharing option. Even though wi fi direct is there atleast when you open the menu in WiFi, it does nothing but just establish a connection with the peer device. It does not send or receive any files. Anyone figured it out yet ? I m looking to do this without any app.
  13. TinCanFury

    TinCanFury Active Member

    at least you've got your TF700 and One seeing each other over WiFi-Direct? I I can't get mine to see each other...

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