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Using your android as a webcam (works for skype,yahoo, etc.)

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  1. SonOfMan

    SonOfMan Member


    This is pretty cool and useful. Turn your Android into a webcam and microphone. The guy is updating frequently. Microphone isn't working with all programs yet but he's working with it.

    ---2/7/10 LIST---

  2. bob13bob

    bob13bob Member

    can't get to work with my hero. seems like dont' have proper usb drivers (i installed android's development tools too)
  3. broman

    broman New Member

    Can someone send me apk for this app, please. I don't see it in market. Thanks
  4. ouikk

    ouikk New Member

    Can you add MSN messanger support?
    MSN doesn't seem to be able to "see" the "camera device"

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