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Usual M.O - Great idea, no coding skills

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  1. myntik1

    myntik1 New Member

    I have a somewhat unique idea for an entertainment app. The app would combine certain elements like foursquare and yelp in a one stop resource. I am in need of a programmer or two or 3 that would like to join in this venture.

    I'm short on dough (this is where 99.9% of you stop reading), but I have faith in this idea. I have the initial research in my market and the potential customers are in favor of it. If this was 1992 I would launch a website and be done with it. Unfortunately, this is 2013 and a website for this venture is useless.

    The finished product would have significant franchise possibilities to people in large markets as well as a decent monthly income. It is not click for pay based. I would like to turn this into a company and have a contract drawn up to protect everyone's interests. If this does work the lion's share goes to the programmer(s).

  2. bhaalbg

    bhaalbg New Member


    I'm could be able to help you :)
    If it is OK for you - could you contact me via email (samuil.yanovski at gmail dot com) or skype (samuil.yanovski).
  3. yacoub_89

    yacoub_89 New Member

    Are you still looking for members?
  4. arasem

    arasem New Member

    I am interested in helping out. I am honest, dedicated, and experienced android developer. I have 5 apps on the market (paid and free) with 1000s of downloads. I even do contracts on the side.
    I would like to go in this journey with you. If you are interested, then please PM me

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