V9Plus easy cwm and root toolbox

  1. kijangaaja

    kijangaaja Member

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  2. cauquan100

    cauquan100 New Member

    log up a new account to thank
    thanks you so much. All i need was here
  3. trikomlabs

    trikomlabs New Member

    this is the right stuff for ZTE Light Tab 2 aka ZTE V9A... I've tested on my own tablet... great stuff :thumbup:
  4. satorr

    satorr New Member

    Does not work on ZTE V9A with Gingerbread 2.3.5
    It says that the device is not correct ....
  5. Slash148

    Slash148 New Member

    Hello everybody, I just got the zte v9A and I am interested in rooting.
    I'd like to know if this device is capable of running a custom rom based on jelly bean.
  6. zfree1234

    zfree1234 New Member

    Hello, did anyone knows what tools can root zte v9a running Android 2.3.5?
  7. Kanengoni

    Kanengoni New Member

    How do i update the firmware on zte v9a to the latest software
  8. random user

    random user New Member

    Exactly my problem

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