Vanilla Android components inside of Sense

  1. mrk

    mrk Well-Known Member

    Is this possible? More specifically, let's say that I want to use the stock Desk Clock application on the Evo. How would I go about doing that, if at all? And if I wanted (because I'm a whore) to use the Nexus live wallpaper? I assume that that's doable, and easier as well?

    Just curious. Suppose I'll find out in a month and a half, anyway :(.

  2. tokuzumi

    tokuzumi Well-Known Member

    There is an app in the market, to give you the 5 home screens. Instead of using Sense, you would change your home screen to the one you want. Also, to add the vanilla android analog clock, you can just long press on any of your home screens, select "Widget", and select "Analog Clock - Android". But the apps that HTC created for Sense (mail, text messaging, etc) replace the vanilla android apps. If you stop using sense, you will still use the HTC apps.

    Edit: live wallpapers will come on the device. One of them is sense specific.
  3. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    All the stock widgets/live wallpapers can be used in sense.
  4. mrk

    mrk Well-Known Member

    Very helpful! I kind of assumed that some of the live wallpapers were disabled, since I'd never seen a video of the Nexus background running on a Sense device. That's great to know :).

    But I want the digital clock! (I'll find a video or screenshot when I'm less busy.)
  5. tokuzumi

    tokuzumi Well-Known Member

    Oh, I think I understand now. There are apps in the market that you can download, as well.

    Checking my clock in the Sense UI, I can push a button, and make the screen look like a digital clock. Since the Sense UI will be the same for pretty much all HTC 2.1 devices with Sense, you should be able to have a digital clock on your phone.
  6. mrk

    mrk Well-Known Member

    Sounds good then, my friend.

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