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  1. Razrwire

    Razrwire Active Member

    So all of a sudden, I have random albums disapearing from my Razr. I use Poweramp. Anybody else have this problem? I'm guessing I may just have to delete all my music and add it again. Kinda scares me though.

  2. MasterGadgets

    MasterGadgets Well-Known Member

    Try going into settings\folders and library\rescan
    See if your music comes back.
  3. Razrwire

    Razrwire Active Member

    Nothing worked, now tring to resync my phone with itunes gives me weird results. I try transfering playlists and a very small amount of those songs transfer. I have done a few hard resets in the past and do not want to do another. Oh well, ill keep trying.
  4. awriternot

    awriternot Well-Known Member

    I had this same issue. Unselect auto rescan. That should fix it.

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