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  1. srh010810

    srh010810 Active Member

    I've already successfully unlocked the bootloader but everytime i go to install clockwork this is the error message i get variable not supported target reported
    max download size of 31457280 error cannot load cwmrecovery.img no error.

    I'm at a loss as what to do been working on this for days please help:confused::confused:

  2. xInterlopeRx

    xInterlopeRx Well-Known Member Developer

    WOW! It's a shame no one helped you. I don't get to this forum often, but I know how to help. I assume you fixed it by now though.
  3. srh010810

    srh010810 Active Member

    I haven't actually but I was getting any replies so I just kinda of gave up if you know what to do the help would be appreciated. I haven't checked my thread lately been dealing with a bit of a financial crisis so that taken up much of my time.
  4. CMNDR

    CMNDR Well-Known Member

    If I'm not mistaken, that error is caused by the fact that the phone will rewrite the recovery partition when the main system starts. You should be able to catch the phone during its initial reboot process and get it into recovery before the main OS launches. Then you should be able to flash super user while there.

    Hope that helps :)

  5. srh010810

    srh010810 Active Member

    thank you I got it rooted I appreciate it
  6. srh010810

    srh010810 Active Member

    I'm trying to flash a system img and i'm getting the variable not supported error. really need to get this flashed to get my phone up and running again

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