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VAT Calculator (free)

  1. mongaulois

    mongaulois Member

    I've publish my first application since one week to the French market.
    Now it's international :D

    You can find it in the market :

    Other Screenshot are available to the market.
    I will improve skin. If you have suggestion? ;)

  2. Ronigoal

    Ronigoal New Member

    Thanks you.................. :D
  3. mongaulois

    mongaulois Member

  4. mongaulois

    mongaulois Member

    A new version is published :

    Add EULA
    Add country flags icon
    Add menu
    Unlock custom taxe
    Sort country by name
  5. mongaulois

    mongaulois Member

    Vat calculator have been updated :

    Custom mode : Capability to decompose VAT in two parts
    Available SD-Card installation
    Resolve QVGA dislay like HTC wildfire
    Resolve Irland tax bug
    Remap key to be like a calculator
    update italian vat : 20 -> 21.
    Add swiss VAT

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