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Vaulty Free App :(Support

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  1. androidtp

    androidtp Well-Known Member

    Downloaded this app to try it out and put some photos and videos there. it has an option to remove them from the app but once you remove them they get erased!! :mad:

    i've located the files with my file manager, however, they're encrypted. i would like to delete the app but in doing so those files would also be lost. anyway around this so i can recover my files from that app?

    the thanks button is ready :)

  2. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    You can also send the developer and email to find out

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  3. androidtp

    androidtp Well-Known Member

    i've done that and he replied swiftly. aside from that, do you kno a way to "uncrypt" files?
  4. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Have you tried moving them to the computer just to see what happens?
  5. androidtp

    androidtp Well-Known Member

    i'll try it and get back to u thx
  6. androidtp

    androidtp Well-Known Member

    if anybody were to download this app and find out that when you remove the pictures from the app they end up disappearing. to eliminate this, go to a file manager and just rename the file by removing the "txt" then copy and paste them back to your DCIM

    that's the method i took and it works
  7. sheree

    sheree New Member

    Hi, have you found a way to open those files? I just downloaded this app and tried with vaulting a couple of videos. Now the problem is, i want to open them but i can't find the files at all!!! :mad: :confused: If you have solved this, please share it with me... Thanks...
  8. Theron Rogers

    Theron Rogers New Member

    I'm the developer of Vaulty. Sorry that you had trouble with this issue. It should be fixed now so just make sure you're using the latest version of Vaulty. You can also try turning your phone off and then back on to help the gallery find the pictures and videos that were unvaulted.
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  9. jt92366

    jt92366 New Member

    I JUST downloaded this app last night and tried to upload videos. They have dissappeared. I've restarted my phone just now and they are STILL not there. What is up with this? I am NOT happy.
  10. Androidr

    Androidr New Member

    Thanks Theron, it is working like magic.
  11. 4ndr01d

    4ndr01d Active Member

    Hi Theron Rogers, thanks for the apps :). I hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible.

    I'm using Vaulty Free ver2.5 and when I tried to unvault the image, somehow it was gone forever and I still don't know how to get it back.
  12. thepervster

    thepervster Active Member

    i have been using vaulty free for about 6 months now all of a sudden it will not let me hide any pics i have in the camera gallery, it usually comes up saying it is moving it but now it is just popping the vaulty screen on for like a quarter of a second then comes back to gallery and doesn't move pic.
    it lets me move pics from other folders to vaulty?
    and also it used to remove the pics from the folder when you shared them with vaulty now they are still in the main folder and you have to manually remove them, is there a reason for this? i have uninstalled then reinstalled it and it works one time then cant move camera pics again
  13. jdntx

    jdntx New Member

    For someone who has lost his password, is there a way to recover it?
  14. milesjohnson

    milesjohnson New Member

    Is this thread dead? I have an unusual problem
  15. lasrever

    lasrever New Member

    I have Vaulty Free and have moved some pictures and video to it. I tried to move some of them back to my gallery and Vaulty will not let me move anything out. Any ideas?
  16. imaDRtrustme

    imaDRtrustme New Member

    I just updated my version of the free Vaulty and I am unable to unvault images. When I select them and tell them to unvault they will leave vaulty but won't show up in my gallery. If i power down the phone the images will return to vaulty.

    When I select the images to unvault if i leave vaulty open till after the phone sleeps they will be back in vaulty.

    After removing the images from Vaulty it will sometimes seem like they won't return, then after checking the gallery they will reappear in Vaulty.

    Any Suggestions?
  17. JHenry

    JHenry Member

    I never put something i want to keep in an app like this... unless I have a backup... I usually keep my backup on my PC.
  18. bjm63733

    bjm63733 New Member

    i had installed vaulty free on my droid x a while ago and had numerous photos and videos on it. something has happened recently, and when i try to open vaulty free it says i dont have a password set- would you like to set a password. i did have a password set. if i click on option "later", it then goes to another message that says "sorry, vaulty free has stopped unexpectedly. please try again." with options ; force close or report. i have repeatedly tried force close but nothing happens. its almost like vaulty free has been deleted from my phone.
    help!! i dont want to lose my photos/videos!!
  19. JHenry

    JHenry Member

    Hi guys,

    Frankly, your best bet to get the files out is to use Vaulty again...

    However, I've switched to Kii Safe, it's a nicer app for media concealment. No Ads. YMMV. I'll caution both that you shouldnt put your only copy of vital media in these vaults, and all also caution that you shouldnt assume that these files are really secure. These kinds of apps are just convenience tools.

  20. leighanya

    leighanya New Member

    Mr Rogers:
    I started hiding my files through vaulty then I stopped while the transfer was going through. I decided to uninstall it then hlf of my pics showed with a tria ngle and exclamation point. re-dwonloaded vaulty which didnt fix the issue, it ws like starting over from scratch. So i restarted my phone and all the pictures with exclamation points disapeared!! :( is there anyway to get them back?
  21. leighanya

    leighanya New Member

    nevermind I unvaulted them and figured it out! lol blonde moment!
  22. tinajeffco

    tinajeffco New Member

    I installed the vaulty free app & am having trouble getting it to hide photos that I have taken with my droid x2. Other pictures that were already on my media card (added from computer) will hide just like it's supposed to but new photos just taken with the phone will not. The ONLY way I can get them to hide in vaulty is to email them to myself, re-save them & then they will hide. I have also tried adding the photos to another folder but this also has not worked. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone out there had this problem & how do I fix it? I tried uninstalling & reinstalling the program & rebooted but it still does the same thing. Please help......this is a major pain to email them back to myself everytime. This is also my first droid.....I was a previous blackberry user so I am still learning.
    Thank you in advance for any help!

    P. S. Now none of my photos will hide....what am I doing wrong?
  23. chitown96

    chitown96 New Member

    Hello, I cannot acess my Vaulty Free app, the password is correct but acess is denied. Any suggestions?
  24. jimcoxjr149

    jimcoxjr149 New Member

    OK Vaulty free worked for a little while, then it stopped moving the pics I had taken with the camera. So I downloaded/"upgraded" the Stock App and now I am out $5 and it STILL will not move the files...it either does nothing or crashes.
  25. jimcoxjr149

    jimcoxjr149 New Member

    OK, I now have discovered that if the pics are on the phone itself, they will tansfer, but if you have your pics going to the SD card then it does not....please help!

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