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  1. Feisar

    Feisar New Member

    Hi all

    Got my G1 today :) and needed to import contacts. I used a great little app from here called ' Imports contacts':

    AndAppStore : Recently Submitted Releases

    Just put a vcard containing all your contacts on the sd card and run the app to import them.

    (I did a quick search on the forum for vcard and didn't get much, so I hope this helps someone)

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Thanks for your input ... I have added a few search tags to your post so searches will find it eaiser. If you would like to do a small step-by-step tutorial ... we can add it to the FAQ Libary and to the Tips & Tricks Section.

    Please just add it to this thread.
  3. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the link!

    I am not sure what the repository you found is...but I dug deeper on the specific app since I have needed this since day 1 for two G1s.

    Here's their homepage.
    OpenOffice Bibliography Fix

    Despite the link's "english name" that is not where it goes. It goes to "Du Systems Import Contact" Page.
  4. cronk

    cronk Member

    That did the trick for me! Exported all my t-mobile contacts to the SD card, moved the card to my Magic, used the VcardIO app to import them and hey presto, worked fine. I did have to use a file browser to rename and confirm the location of the vcf file though.

    All done easily enough though -thanks!
  5. SamDroider

    SamDroider New Member

    I've read multiple posts that saving VCards doesn't work & alternative apps are required. This is not true. I have the Sammy Infuse running 2.2.

    1. After receiving the vcard via sms, long-click the message.

    2. Select option: "Attached items"

    3. You MUST checkmark which item(s) you want saved. Then click Save button. (Initially, the checkmark shows in grey. Tap it, it will turn green.)

    4. Go into your phone's file browser. (On Samsung, its "My Files")

    5. On internal SD card, find folder named "download"

    6. Touch the vcard in that list that you want to save

    7. You are given the option to save to phone or to your email address (which puts it in your gmail contact list).

    That's it.
  6. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    Are you serious?
    This thread is over 2 years old!
  7. 02befree

    02befree Member

    Thanks SamDroider for the post -- even if it was over 2 years old, it's spot on, and Google results searchable.

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