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  1. brew22crew

    brew22crew New Member

    Hello all,

    I have a Samsung Mesmerize, Model Number SCH-I500. I recently exported my contacts to the SD card in my phone. My phone named the file "00001.vcf" I then copied the file to my computer so I could edit the file with Notepad. I have done so with no problems. When I was finished with the edit I saved the file as "00002.vcf". I then copied the file to the SD card on my phone. When I tried to import the 00002 file, I received the following error:

    "Reading of vCard data has failed

    Failed to parse vCard though it seems in valid format, since the current implementation does not support i (This vCard has nested data in it.)"

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why or what the problem is. Can anyone help?

  2. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member

    I can't help with what your doing with Notepad, but I can give you an easy solution...

    The overall goal is to get your contacts added to your Gmail account, then you can edit them on your computer and they will update automatically on your phone...

    From your contacts screen, press menu - more - export/import - import from SD Card (since you already exported to SD Card). Choose your Gmail account and then the correct file (the one thats not corrupt).

    So basically you export your contacts to the SD card, then import from the SD card to your gmail account.

    This process will send all your contacts from your "phone" to your "Gmail" account. Then all you have to do is log into your Gmail account on a computer, and edit away!

    Hopefully that all makes sense, let me know if I forgot a step.

  3. brew22crew

    brew22crew New Member

    Thanks, I understand your instructions, but it isn't going to help with what I am trying to do.

    I have already exported/imported my contact information into my gmail account. In doing so I noticed that when I look at a contact, I have double the information. For example, if I have a phone number under both "Phone" and "GMail", I will see two of the same phone numbers when I look at the contact information. The same goes for emails, address's, etc.

    So after I was satified that my GMail account had all of my contact info, I deleted all contacts under "Phone". I edited my exported vCard file from my "Phone" contacts and renamed. I simply got rid of all information per contact except the phone numbers. That's it. I made sure the syntax was correct. I then wanted to import the new file under "Phone", delete the phone numbers from my GMail account, thus giving me only one phone number per contact (in theory). This is when I discovered my import problem.

    It isn't a huge deal. I just noticed I couldn't group any of my contacts in my phone because I didn't have any "Phone" contacts. I don't know if I am missing any other functions due to not having any "Phone" contacts.

    Any more help with the new information?
  4. ableticker

    ableticker New Member

    What I can suggest you is to make the changes in the vcards and then import them into Outlook with vCard Import tool from Import vCard to Outlook, Excel & CSV file aand then sync your SAMSUNG phone to outlook to get the contacts back into phone.
  5. laser3

    laser3 New Member

    This is probably a non-issue for the original poster, but might help new viewers. When creating .htaccess files, I was instructed to turn off the Word Wrap feature within Notepad, because it will add unseen carriage return characters to the file. Turning that feature of may help. I don’t know :)
  6. jacksion

    jacksion Member

    If you value your time, go for third party utility for the import multiple vCard to Outlook, Android, HTC, iPod, iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry etc. Having doubts of where to find such effective vCard Importing solution ?

    We, at PCVITA labs, are here for your help! Use vCard Importer Software and enjoy the Batch vCard Import process whether in Outlook or Android, Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc
  7. mera

    mera New Member

    Hello guys.
    How can one delete ALL contacts at once or in just a few clicks?
    I know how to delete the contacts one by one but I want to delete a 1000 contacts in just a few clicks.
    can anyone help please.
  8. harsh123

    harsh123 New Member

    Hey Guys...U know what...there is a damn easy solution to all this crap.!!
    I guess everyone is facing a problem in importing the vcard.(some crappy error,etc....)
    I also had the same problem.
    1. what i did was i opened the .vcf using wordpad.
    2. when i opened it, i saw that at the end of the log, i was not able to see the syntax END:VCARD,
    3. Basically there are two syntaxes one is BEGIN:VCARD and the other is END:VCARD..( Like any other languages)
    4. So just check whether all ur contacts are beginning and ending with these given syntaxes..

    And believe worked like a charm..!!
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  9. lokeshmsit

    lokeshmsit New Member

    Thanx dude!!
    i inserted END:VCARD at the end of .vcf file.. and it worked like a charm :)
  10. Rana Anas

    Rana Anas New Member

    Thank You very much Dear, it works for me :)

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